Boss Babe Hour- Featuring Buss CPA

We are so excited to feature yet another business to you guys! Buss CPA, PC is a family-run business by husband and wife James and Cindy Buss.

If you have not been in the meet James or Cindy yet, you need to do so- pronto!

James started the business April 1, 2005 because of a need in the Hartford area for CPA services. 

When asked about what makes James and Cindy passionate about what they do James replied, "I enjoy seeing the growth and success of my clients."


As with all businesses, there are challenges to work through and successes to celebrate. When asked about the top challenges, as many businesses have stated in the past James and Cindy stated finding the right people to fill positions is always a challenge.
Successes Buss CPA, PC love to celebrate is the help they are able to give their clients, and of course, the staff that they do have are awesome! I can personally attest to that statement!


Balancing work/family is always something we are interested in hearing about from fellow entrepreneurs. James and Cindy balance work and life by attending hockey games and traveling!


What do the Buss' see in the next 5 years for their business? They see an increased growth in Hartford population and corresponding businesses.
Growth. Growth. Growth! We love to hear that projection!
When asked if James had any advice for fellow entrepreneurs he said, "Your business should support the life you want instead of life just happening to you."
Thank you, Buss CPA, PC for participating in our Boss Babe Hour. Rachael and I have gotten to know James and Cindy really well. We enjoy their kindness and willingness to take the time to educate all of their clients. This is not just something they do to make money, James and Cindy truly care about each and every one of their clients. They work hard to see their clients succeed!
Find them at or email them at
Thanks for reading!

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