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I am so excited to reveal to our online friends what our store front looks like! We have so many online friends that can't make it to the store so we thought we'd show you a little blog post about it.

It's a really nice space and we are so happy with how it has turned out. Rachael and I are always working on ways to make it fit our long-term vision of what our store will look like at a "finished product". (There is no such thing by the way haha!)

So we will start with walking in the front door and work towards the back of the store!


This is the what you see when you walk in the front door! Rachael or I are normally sitting behind there working on some behind-the-scenes items. Our beautiful counter was made by a family friend of mine, Larry.

Larry made it fit our exact vision! It is an "L" shape so we can have shelving on the side. We have gotten so many compliments on it, and we are loving it and appreciating it every single day. 

The stunning sign hanging on the wall was a dual effort. Rachael's relative, Robin, made the metal cut-out for us from a picture of our logo. Her company is called Artistic Elements by Robin and she has created some excellent metal-work.

Next on our tour is if you turn to the right when you walk in the door! You can see back in that little nook we have coat hooks. The table front and center in the picture is our accessory table. During the spring and summer months we have jewelry on it, but now that it is fall, heading into winter, we have our scarves and hats on it!

A little further back is our other accessory table! (We love accessories here. I fully believe it can make or break an outfit.) We tend to move this around depending on if we have events going on or want to rearrange!

This wall tends to have some of our new arrivals and most popular items on it. It is one of the first places that draws that eye. We love to re-arrange this wall when we get new arrivals in!

This shot is looking straight to the back of our store. We have new arrivals and popular items on most of these racks. A couple of the racks are specifically for Curvy items. Rachael and I love helping people find what they are looking for, but if you are a person who likes to shop un-bothered it is simple to do so with this layout.

This is my favorite spot in the store. I love sitting in the comfortable chairs. My mom is so talented and put a lot of work in re-covering the chairs and making them fit our vision. She also re-covered the benches in our fitting room too! We are so blessed to have so many helpful people in our lives willing to use their talents to help us achieve our dreams.

I also love this sitting nook because it has so much potential to create community. I have had so many good one-on-one conversations with people in those chairs. That connection, for me, is the most important part about building this brand with you all.

Next is our water and snack station for events! We also have an extra 50% off rack set up.

This is our clearance section, and try-on mirror. Some people like to come out of the fitting rooms and look in the mirror. This mirror is directly across from the fitting rooms so it is easy to do so!

Here is our back wall, fitting rooms, and basics table! 

I know this is really only a snap-shot of what you would see in person, but it's so hard to capture the true feeling of the place in a picture.

What do you love about our little store?!




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  • Love the tour!! You did a great job on it!!

    Jolayne Streich

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