About Us


We can’t help our love for fashion! But we aren’t in New York either. We grew up in the Midwest where we, or our friends and family, farm, hunt and aren’t afraid to be outside and get a little dirt on our hands. But just as much as we love our guns, bows, four-wheelers and tractors, we also enjoy getting dressed up to go out. We want to provide fashion and advice on how our hard-working Midwest women can still show off their trendy side (and without breaking the bank!).


About Stacia

Hey all! I am a mid-20 year-old gal who grew up all over the good ole Midwest! I have loved my time moving between South Dakota and Iowa, before finally finding a home in the Sioux Falls area. My family on my Mom’s side is all farming, and my Dad’s side is all ranching, so I have grown up learning about and loving both. We never had animals of our own until I was out of high school and into college.

Today I am married to a farmer, diesel mechanic, volunteer EMT and Firefighter, and amazing man, Anthony. We met in high school, but started dating during our college years. We were so excited to spend our lives with someone who loves farming and the agriculture world as much as we do! We are a great match for each other.

Rachael and I are so excited to be bringing our love of the outdoors and Midwest life, together with our passions of looking cute and girly, while also wearing functional clothing. I have spent a lot of time in the field with sandals on (let’s just say it’s not the best choice), and want to give women the option of looking good while working or hunting. Us Midwest gals have to be on call at all times, for any activity it seems!

We look forward to getting to know you and servicing any and all of your fashion and functional needs. Now as my husband would tell me, “Better get back to work! Break’s over!”

About Rachael

I am also in my mid-20's and from the Midwest! My parents are 26 years strong in marriage and raised us five kids in a family full of love and chaos. If I had to pick one thing I am passionate about, I couldn’t. I have two….fashion and hunting. Random right? My grandma gave me my love of fashion and my dad is the best hunting guide around. If they asked me if I wanted to go shopping or hunting today, I’d have to go hunting in the morning and hope I'm done by noon so that I can shop in the afternoon!

I attended the University of South Dakota where I majored in Marketing. This is where I met Stacia! There’s no doubt about it, we clicked instantly and became best friends. She actually introduced me to my amazing, hard-working, agriculture-loving husband, Dan. They were high school friends and Stacia thought we’d be perfect for each other. She was right, of course. Dan has been one of my biggest supporters in everything I do. He has the best “you got this!” speeches to motivate me.

During my last year of college, I interned at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center in Yankton, SD. Once I graduated, I became the Marketing Manager for the Center and helped run many events and tournaments in my time there. I had the opportunity to travel worldwide to archery events and promote the amazing facility that we have back in the U.S. I eventually moved back to Sioux Falls to be closer to my family, and start my own with Dan. We welcomed our little boy, Timothy, this year and he has been such a fun adventure for Dan and me!

Stacia and I are extremely excited to share our love of fashion! We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoy picking out the fun, flattering merchandise for all of you!